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All 300 hours of materials in the Fluency Space Academy have been carefully put together by professionals with over 12 years experience purely in Business English.

Grammar with a and the
Mixing Tenses - Networking Events

Suitable for private lessons and group lessons.
1000+ pages of lessons suitable for intermediate to advanced learners.

High-quality lessons complete with questions and role-plays to engage students.
Business English vocabulary and grammar applied to a range of interesting topics.


2x monthly advanced business text lessons
2x monthly intermediate to upper-intermediate business text lessons 


2x monthly advanced listening lessons from authentic YouTube interviews and TED Talks
Full accent guides


Complete vocabulary curriculum of 32 modules
Weekly vocabulary workouts based on the curriculum


Full 308-page textbook with 250+ diagrams
Full grammar curriculum of lessons
Weekly grammar workouts

4x monthly articles complete with vocabulary exercises.
Save your teachers time in finding interesting articles with vocabulary that your students really need.

We understand that Business English learners don't want to discuss pure business in every single lesson, so we have taken articles on the most interesting topics that we can find, and we have applied pure Business English vocabulary and grammar to them.  As we teach solely Business English daily, we look online for interesting articles consistently, and we test them with satisfied and engaged students.

20+ texts in the academy so far in the form of 9-page PDF lessons 
2 fresh advanced articles every month
2 fresh intermediate to upper-intermediate articles every month
Based on AUTHENTIC articles, with 8-14 new Business English words, idioms and phrasal verbs
Interesting topics tested on real students, carefully selected so that they will not go out of date.
Vocabulary and comprehension exercises with a detailed answer section
Gap-fill exercise in a new article to test your understanding of new vocabulary in a new context

Complete 308-page textbook that cannot be accessed anywhere else.
Help your teachers to explain verb tenses to students easily.

"How to Use English Verb Tenses in Business": over 250 diagrams and timelines to demonstrate verb tenses as your students have never seen them before.
Teach your students the key prepositions, verb patterns that they always get wrong. Teach them all the key grammar topics that advanced students always get wrong
Then test them with weekly "grammar workout" worksheets to test a range of topics at once.

I always use these materials with students!

The content is so well-thought-out with eye-catching visuals provided and brief, clear explanations.  The textbook is also splendid. I always use it with students!

Natalia Ignatova

English Teacher, Academy of Intellectual Property

Makes my job so much easier!

I love your diagrams and use them frequently when I'm explaining tenses. All the effort you've put in is clear to see and it makes my job so much easier, so thank you!

Zuzana Smith

English Teacher

Interesting and Challenging

David's materials have really helped me to bring my English to the next level. They are really interesting and challenging.

Martin Perrone

Finance Director, AB Mauri Hispano-America.

Take your students to advanced level with a complete vocabulary curriculum of 32 modules

Forming a solid base of sophisticated advanced vocabulary in 9-page PDFs, complete with exercises and comprehension and guide on how to get phrasal verbs and idioms into sentences.

Most valuable vocabulary based on data collected in over 12 years of business discussions with real students.

Do you struggle with finding authentic listening exercises for your students?  We have so many on a range of topics

Our listening exercises are based on real YouTube interviews and real TED talks by prominent academics, politicians, business people, actors, musicians and sports stars.
Challenging questions to challenge your understanding of the meaning of the statements.
A mix of articulate, advanced English also with accents including US, English, Irish, Northern Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Australian, New Zealand, South Africa, Indian and many more!
As well as comprehension questions, our listening exercises also include questions whereby you have to work out the exact words that the speaker is saying. This is quite challenging in a strong accent spoken completely naturally and at full speed. This helps English learners to really understand the differences between the regional accent and standard English.
Learn the key consonant features of each accent, and learn how you can identify them in listening.
See how the key features are applied in a short colour-coded transcript of a short section of the video.

New materials are added to the Fluency Space Academy every month.

2 fresh reading lessons in 6-page PDF format with a brand-new article which will not go out of date.
2 fresh listening lessons based on real TED talks or YouTube interviews, complete with accent guide.
4 "grammar workouts" to test students' knowledge of the grammar curriculum, based on an interesting text.
4 "vocabulary workouts to test students' knowledge of the vocabulary curriculum.
New fun idioms lessons based on specific topics complete with exercises.
New grammar diagrams related to verb tenses, articles and other topics.  These can also be requested by members.

At Fluency Space, we understand that repetition is the key to success

Every week, The Fluency Space Academy publishes a "grammar workout" for intermediate-advanced Business English students. It consists of an interesting text with around 8 mistakes hidden inside. The hidden mistakes all come from the same pool of around 20 key grammar topics in the academy - the Grammar Curriculum.  

Revisiting these mistakes through the form of interesting mini-articles allows students to see grammar in action across a range of different contexts.

Weekly "vocabulary workouts" test students' knowledge of the most important vocabulary every week, and new business articles contain a carefully selected range of vocabulary, mixing some of the most important words from the vocabulary curriculum with other important business phrases, meaning that learners are constantly in contact with the most versatile vocabulary that they need in their armoury.

The Founder of the Fluency Space Academy

My name is David, a passionate linguist and professional English coach from the UK, and I have dedicated 12 years purely to Business English.  My goal to help my students to sound as professional as possible, as quickly as possible.

I discuss business every single day with my clients, which include business owners, CEOs, CFOs, as well as professionals in marketing, sales, HR, IT, change management and finance. I have spent 12 years putting together data on specific vocabulary and grammar that students really need to sound more professional.

What other Business English specialists think of our materials 

"Both the lesson and the lesson plan are excellent. Thank you for sharing."
"Great insights! Thanks for sharing."
"Great work, well presented and very useful! thanks for sharing!"
"Very nice work! I will avail myself of this at some point in my teaching. Cheers!"
"Very nice lay out. Clear and simple. Easy to follow."
"David Cox it’s such a fun way to look at English. Thanks for posting it."
"Great post that makes something that is very confusing for non-native English speakers seem not nearly as complicated as they thought."


200+ hours of teaching materials plus 14 new PDF materials each month.
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32 Vocabulary lessons in a full vocabulary curriculum plus weekly vocabulary workouts
Grammar Curriculum based on the most common grammar errors plus weekly grammar workouts
308-page Textbook "How To Use English Verb Tenses in Business" with over 250 diagrams plus monthly grammar diagrams